High Use Swift Upgrade(tm)-For Existing Customers


High Use Swift UpgradeTM-For Existing Customers: A must for yarn shops and yarn businesses and for our customers that have already purchased a Mama Bear or Papa Bear Swift and that will use their swift on a regular basis and/or several times a day or a week to skein yarn, etc., we offer a trademarked upgrade to the swift arms. We will drill the turning hole of the arms and install a set of special shoulder washers. This will prevent any wearing of the wood as the arms turn on the metal post. It will last a life time and provide wonderful smooth operation for thousands of swifted skeins. This can be added to any swift model. Just ship your arms to us and we will install the special bushings.  Same price no matter what swift model. 

Please ship your swift arms to:

Peter Charles
The Oregon Woodworker
1615 Grand Ave.
Medford, OR 97504


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"This is the most perfect of yarn winders I have ever tried! It runs like a gazelle across the savannah! I ordered it on the home page, and it reached my doorstep in Denmark in record time. With a free upgrade to the plus and the high use upgrade for free. It came with the handy bag for travelling and easy to follow instructions to assemble it. I just love it and for the first time ever I actually look forward to winding skeins! Absolutely recommended!! Get it sooner rather than later! Ellen Turner "
5 stars
"Easy to assemble and take down, and fun to use. Customer service is top notch, and if a mistake is made they will make it right and then some! Highly recommend the product and the company's commitment to excellence."
5 stars
"I found your product when I "binged" yarn swifts. I received it yesterday and it is a great product. It is easy to set up and quite easy to use. I'm also thrilled it is an American made product as I like to support our country and our craftsmen and small business. "
5 stars
"I have used these swifts for years. They are sturdy and elegant, solid and easy to assemble, and work flawlessly. The high use upgrade is a valuable addition. I highly recommend these swifts."
5 stars
"Silent, smooth operation and assembly could not be easier. It stores easily and compactly in the cloth bag included. The craftsmanship and service are high quality and I am looking forward to using my Mama Bear Swift Plus for many years!"
5 stars
"I wish I had bought this nifty Mama Bear Plus swift years ago -- I absolutely love it. It makes winding yarn such a breeze. Great service too -- thank you Peter!"
5 stars

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The actual wood color and grain will vary from piece to piece and may not be exactly as displayed in the wood type photo. We use only the best solid hardwoods in making all our swifts.

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