Compare Yarn Swifts: Which Yarn Swift Should I Purchase?


Mama Bear BASIC

Mama Bear PLUS

Swift N Count-(Mama And Papa  Bear)

Papa Bear

Arm Length 27" 30" 30" Mama Bear or 46" Papa Bear or 9' Custom Jumbo Papa Bear 46"
Maximum Supported Skein Size (Circumference) 72" (2 Yards) -Handles Most Skeins in a yarn shop 80" ( 2 Yards 8")-Handles All skeins in a yarn shop plus longer online skeins

80" Mama Bear or 10' Papa Bear or 24' Custom Jumbo Papa Bear

Handles-All skeins from a yarn shop and very large skeins

120" (ten feet)
Yarn Measuring Feature (to measure yarn length)    
Speciality Woods (Purple Heart and Padauk)
Collapsible in 4-5 Seconds
High Use Upgrade Available (additional cost)
Comes With Cotton Poly Bag-Bag Upgrades Are Available.