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*INTRODUCING THE NEW HUGGY BEAR(TM) SINGLE AND DUAL YARN BALL HOLDERS*Wonderful sturdy and easy to use item for every knitter. Check them out in the accessories tab.
*ANNOUNCING SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PRICING-REDUCED SHIPPING* SELECTED PRODUCTS: Ship Any Swift-Only $7; Ship Any Swift/Ball Winder Combo-Only $12; Wooden Jumbo Ball Winder excluded. Ship Any Ball Winder-Only $5 (Applies to 48 states-ground shipping-Papa Bear Custom Jumbo excluded); Royal Replacement Ball Winder Only $35; Jumbo Ball Winder, by The Oregon Wood Worker Only $52; Mama Bear Swift N Count Only $94.95, AND ALL COMBOS HAVE REDUCED PRICING & SHIPPING, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2016.  Thanks For Your Support and Dedication
The Oregon Wood Worker(tm) now carries a wonderful Heavy Duty Wooden Yarn Ball Winder. It is made by NancyKnitKnacks. It is made of solid hardrock maple; heavy duty gears and shafts. You will not buy another ball winder in your lifetime. It makes small and also very large beautiful pull string yarn balls, up to 16 ounces. It has a great firm solid cranking feel as you operate it. It works wonderfully with all our swifts. It has very long clamps allowing it to be clamped to any thickness surface. You will love using it.
ROYAL REPLACEMENT YARN BALL WINDER FOUNDWe found a company that has copied exactly the Royal Ball Winder and has added two improvements to it: They are a metal crank handle and longer clamping bracket.  We are selling it for  ONLY $35-Ships For Only $5 Until 12-31-16.  It is a great work horse. 

*Announcing* New & Improved Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder by The Oregon Wood Worker. It makes large beautiful pull-string yarn balls; is very sturdy and smooth operating. NOW Only, $52 & Ships For Only $5 until 12-31-16. It is made for us specifically and has two improvements over other similar winders.

­ The BASIC Model Mama Bear(tm) Yarn Swift or Skein Winder, or Yarn Winder, will handle most skeins purchased from a yarn shop handling skeins up to 70" in  circumference.  Works very nicely with all Yarn Ball Winders on our site.  Includes Nice Bag.   Assembles or disassemblies so very easily in just 4-5 seconds, then store it in the nice bag that comes with it.  Smoothest Operating Swift. Also in Special Woods.  Not a Chinese Knock-off Like the Amish Swift.  It is a GREAT DiscountedShips For Only $7 Until 12-31-16. Price at $59.95 +s&h
The PLUS Model Mama Bear(tm) Yarn Swift or Skein Winder, is the BASIC model with 3" longer arms.  It will handle ALLhanks you purchase from a yarn shop and the longer hanks online up to 80" in circumference.  Works very nicely with all Yarn Ball Winders on our site.  Assembles or disassemblies so very easily in just 4-5 seconds. Store it in the nice bag that comes with it.  Smoothest Operating Swift. Also in Special Woods including PurpleHeart.Worth paying a little more for.  Discounted   Ships For Only $7 Until 12-31-16   Just $69.95 +s&h
The SWIFT N COUNT(tm)MAMA BEAR YARN COUNTER model comes standard with all the features of the PLUS model and it includes the Electronic Counter so you can measure your yarn yardage or split your skeins very accurately.  It also comes with velcro yarn for yarn end attachment, pre-measured peg holes, a nice bag, etc.  Assembles or disassemblies so very easily in just 4-5 seconds, then store it in the nice bag that comes with it. Smoothest Operating Swift. It is a GREAT model to meet all your yarn handling needs.  Discounted Spring Special Price Ships For Only $7 Until 12-31-16Only $94.95 +s&h
The PAPA BEAR(tm)model comes standard with all the features and benefits of the Bear Family of swifts, and is designed specifically for spinners, weavers, hand dyers and those that work with very very large skeins from 36" up to 120" and all sizes between.  Smoothest Operating Swift. Assembles or disassemblies so very easily in just 4-5 seconds, then store it in the nice bag that comes with it.  Discounted Ships For Only $7 Until 12-31-16 Just $94.95 +s&h.   It also comes in the Swift N Count model.  WE ALSO MAKE CUSTOM PAPA BEAR SWIFTS-ASK.­
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The Oregon Woodworker will be attending the Stitches West Knitting Show and Conference held in the Santa Clara, California Convention Center, held February 23-25th, 2017, Thursday thru Saturday. We will not be at the show on Sunday, February 26th. Come and Visit Us in our booths: .  We will have all our products available for purchase in our booths, including the BASIC, PLUS, Swift N Count and Papa  Bear models of Handcrafted Yarn Swifts(tm), and the New Huggy Bear Yarn Ball Holder.  We will also have a very nice Wooden Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder. All our handcrafted products are USA Handcrafted in Oregon.  We will also have all our Yarn Ball Winders including the New Royal Replacement Ball Winder, and our own new and improved Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder and a very heavy duty Wooden Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder. We will also be selling some of our swifts in beautiful purple heart & padauk exotic hardwoods.  We will also offer the High Use Upgrade option, in our booths, that can be installed in your newly purchased swift or you can bring your swift from home.  We will offer continuous demos of all our products in our booth and in the demo area.  Several swifts are set up for you to try them out also.  Come by and check them out.  

Please come by and visit our booth.  We would love to meet you and help you with your swifting needs.

We now carry as a regular stocked item, CUSTOM LARGE PAPA BEAR SWIFT that will handle SKEINS FROM 1 to 8 YARDS in CIRCUMFERENCE. Check it out on the Papa Bear Swift tab above. We will also make any custom sized swift to meet your needs.

The Oregon Wood Worker® was created in 2002 to help meet the needs of knitters, spinners, yarn dyers, hand weavers and yarn enthusists. We are the original designers and handcrafters of the table top swifts. Our swifts will operate on any flat or vertical surface. From one idea, we developed the full family of Handcrafted Yarn Swifts™: our smaller, the Mama Bear BASIC(tm); the regular sized and most often purchased, Mama Bear™ PLUS, Swift n Count with very accurate electronic counter to measure your yearn while swifting; the larger Papa Bear™; and the Custom Jumbo Papa Bear (24' circumference skeins)  models. Each model is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. We believe in continuous product improvement.  In 2010 we introduced the Swift N Count(tm) feature for each of our swifts, which measures yarn yardage to within one yard accuracy guaranteed.  The Mama Bear™ PLUS and Swift n Count are the most frequently purchased, as it will handle any yarn skein purchased from a yarn shop. Our swifts are very easy to assemble and disassemble, taking only 4-5 seconds for the non-mechanical person. There are only four pieces plus 5 pegs in the entire swift. All parts just slide together. No tools or bolts, etc., to deal with. Our swifts replace the umbrella swift, warping board and niddy noddy.  All of our swifts are made of beautiful selected solid hardwoods, sanded smooth multiple times and finished with several coats of a clear hard wood finish. We believe our swifts are the smoothest turning swifts due to the Unique Turning System™ each one is made with. Each of our Handcrafted Yarn Swifts™ comes with its own nice cotton/poly bag. We also offer beautiful Pendleton Wool and Decorator Bags in different colors, as an upgrade for your swift bag, at a small additional charge. All of the swift bags are also made by our own experienced sewing staff.  If your pegs wear out or you need longer ones, just e-mail us and we will send you some more without charge.

The Oregon Woodworker specializes in Hand Crafted Yarn Swifts(tm). We also sell wonderful yarn ball winders and yarn ball holders. Come and check out our products at our website: www.yarnswifts.com. Come choose the type of wood for your yarn swift: Regular Hardwood (oak/hickory), Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Oregon Myrtle, purple heart and padauk.

We are located in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.  Our shop and business are located in Medford, Oregon in the middle of some of the nicest stands of timber.  All our wooden products are handcrafted by us in our shop in Medford, Oregon.  You will really enjoy using your new swift and/or ball winder.  They will make handling your yarns much easier and your yarn will have much reduced tension in the strands.  Visit our website at: www.yarnswifts.com.   All our swifts come with lifetime excellent customer service and free replacement pegs.  Please let us know how we might assist you with any questions by sending us an e-mail at: TheOregonWoodWorker@msn.com or give us a call at: 541-773-7565.  Thank You- Pete Charles


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The actual wood color and grain will vary from piece to piece and may not be exactly as displayed in the wood type photo. We use only the best solid hardwoods in making all our swifts.

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