HIGH USE UPGRADE, Yarn Swift Upgrade™, Yarn Swift Will Never Wear Out, New Swift Purchase


The High Use Upgrade(tm) is a must for businesses and shops and for our customers that will use their yarn swift on a regular basis and/or several times a day or a week to skein yarn, etc.  

This will prevent any wearing of the wood as the arms turn on the metal post. 

This trademarked upgrade installs and secures a set of special shoulder washers in the center hole of each arm.    

It will last a life time and provide wonderful smooth operation for thousands of swifted skeins. 

This can be added to any swift model. Same price no matter what swift model. 

Add it when you purchase your yarn swift.

Also, add one of these products

  • Wood Types

  • Wood Types

  • Wood Types

  • Wood Types
I ordered the yarn swift as a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law. She loves it. The quality is excellent. And the seller shipped it immediately. I’m very happy with the quality of the swift & the service I received.
5 stars