Ball/Cone Holder Wood Types

"NEW HUGGY BEAR(tm) Yarn Ball/Cone Holder, Yarn Buddy-TRIPLE Ball/CONE"-   Also known as: Yarn Buddy, Yarn Holder, Yarn Caddy, Lazy Docks, Yarn Spinner, Yarn Top, Yarn Holder Lazy Susan, Cone Holder and Yarn Spindle.   Now available in Regular Hardwood-Hickory/Maple, and Walnut, Cherry, Padauk and Purple Heart

All handcrafted in the tradition of The Oregon Wood Worker, is made of all beautiful solid hardwood and all pieces hand sanded to an ultra smooth surface.  Industrial strength ball bearing turning system, STURDIER THAN ANY OTHER YARN BALL HOLDER. Never needing any maintenance; long wooden ball holder peg to handle all yarn ball sizes.

The regular hardwood is either hickory or maple with corresponding hardwood post.  Special hardwood ball/cone holders come in Cherry, Walnut, Padauk and Purple Heart.  The corresponding post also comes in the same special hardwood.  They are beautiful.  There is a small up charge to help cover the extra cost of the special hardwood.

The Huggy Bear Yarn Ball Holder comes with a removable center posts.   It is made from the finest quality solid hickory hardwood and is sanded three times with a very fine grit sandpaper for extra smoothness.

Includes a colorful cotton-poly bag with a cord lock pull string which makes storage easy and transport easy so you can take it wherever you need to use it.  

Use the Huggy Bear Yarn Ball-Cone Holder, to softly hug your yarn ball as you knit or unravel a difficult yarn ball or use if for Fair Isle Knitting or Stranded Knitting or Yarn Blending. Also use it to hold your yarn cones, of all sizes do you can easily blend yarns or convert them into yarn balls or skeins.   As you pull the yarn from it, it turns very easily on a smooth lazy-susan turning system.  

Your Dual Yarn Ball Holder carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as excellent free customer service, for the life of your yarn ball holder, Yarn Buddy.  Just contact us should you have any needs or questions.  We are there for you.

You will love using it with you beautiful Yarn Ball/Cone Holder.  Great Price.­

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  • Wood Types
A project required I work with 3 yarn cakes at the same time. Already enjoying my 1- and 2-spindle ball holders from The Oregon Woodworker, I was delighted to see they make a 3-spindle holder as well. I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived. This ball holder is made to the same high degree of quality as their others. All the pieces are made of solid hardwood with a silky smooth, matte finish. There is little to no snagging of the yarn, nor any friction. The yarn unwinds effortlessly from the spindle. This holder weighs 3¾ lbs (1.7 kg). With its rubber feet on the bottom, it stays put. The 4.75" (12 cm) turntables are positioned about 6" (15 cm) apart, center to center. They are firmly secured to the base with ball bearing swivel plates. They spin so easily. With large, sturdy threads, the 8" (20 cm) spindles screw into the turntables and remain firmly in place. The removable spindles help ensure they won’t get broken when you’re not using the holder. The fabric carrying bag helps protect everything from scratches, and makes easy to carry for traveling. I can’t say enough good things about these ball holders. They’re all number 1 in my book.
5 stars