Shipping Policy

Shipments Within The USA: All of our products are shipped within the USA using FedEx Ground Home/Business Delivery or USPS, if we have a street address or post office box number. Delivery time is between 2-5 business days anywhere in the USA. All shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are made by USPS. We supply you with a tracking number so you can know where your shipment is at any point in time. Your order is also totally insured.

If a post office box address is used for delivery, or if you prefer shipment by USPS, then we will ship by USPS. All shipment charges by ground, whether by FedEx or USPS, are the same charge.

We offer air surface, at a small increased charge, within the USA, via USPS Air Priority. Air Priority delivery takes 2-3 days anywhere in the USA.

Shipments Outside The USA: All of our products are shipped outside the USA using USPS Air International. Delivery time varies between 5-10 days.  The Oregon Wood Worker is not responsible for customs or VAT fees associated with the shipment of our products to international customers.