YARN SWIFT, VERTICAL, Swift N Count™ Yarn Measurer, With Counter, Mama Bear(tm), SHIPS FAST, 100% USA Handcrafted

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With the Mama Bear VERTICAL SWIFT n Count(tm) Yarn Measurer YARN SWIFT  you can swift and also measure the yarn length very accurately at the same time, guaranteed within one yard in 200 yard accuracy.  We have conducted extensive testing with the Swift N Count(tm) and have full confidence in this wonderful product.  Comes with High Use Upgrade(tm) installed in your new swift.   Instructions included.

Measure the yardage of your skein as it is created, find out how much yarn you have left over from a project, or divide a skein very accurately if doing sock knitting.  

Measures in both directions.  Comes with easy to follow instructions.  A nice Video is also found on our website.

Peg holes are precision drilled and labeled with marked yardage lengths.

Our Electronic Counter is a strong Industrial version that will last for years.   Counter has a five (5) year warranty and under normal use, the counter will last upto ten (10) years.  By a simplly pushing the reset button, you can reset the counter to zero to prepare for measuring the next skein or yarn distance.   

The Swift N Count(tm) comes standard with the new longer arms that will handle skeins from 18" up to 80" in circumference and all sizes in between.  

Will handle all skeins/hanks you purchase from a yarn shop and longer skeins from online.  

Comes in various beautiful solid hardwoods.  Hand sanded and finished with a beautiful hard clear wood finish.  GREAT PRICE.  100% USA Handcrafted by us. 

Yarn Swift is also sometimes called a: Skein Winder, Yarn Winder, Winder, Hank Winder, and Swift.

Not a Knock-off  of other swifts or a Chinese Knock-off like the Amish Style Swift.    

We designed and handcrafted the original table top style swifts. With our designed Trademarked Unique Turning System™, our swifts are the smoothest and quietest turning swifts available. This is important becaues your yarn fibers will not be pulling on each other and your yarn ball will be "happier" with very little tension in it.  All other yarn swifts introduce tension into their yarn balls.    

It replaces the umbrella swift, Niddy Noddy, and warping board all together. You can go directly from your spinning wheel bobbin right to our swift and measure very accurately your yarn at the same time. The Vertical Yarn swift sits on any flat suface, if used horizontally or vertically on any vertical surface.  You do not clamp it.  Since it is reversible, it can also be used to create your own skeins especially if you purchase your yarn on a ball or cone. 

Works wonderfully with each of our Yarn Ball Winders: the Royal Replacement Yarn Ball Winder;  our own Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder or the Wonderful All Wooden Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder.  The Vertical Swift n Count Yarn Swift(tm) will make dealing with any unruly yarn skein a pure pleasure. 

Each piece of the swift comes apart so easily in 4-5 seconds.  Includes a nice cotton/poly bag, for easy storage and transport so you can easily take it on vacation or to a knitting class or retreat. Includes 5 pegs-one extra, and matting.

Operates in either a vertical or horizontal position.  

Your Vertical Swift n Count Yarn Measurer Yarn Swift carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as excellent free customer service and free replacement pegs, all for the life of your yarn swift.  Just contact us should you have any needs or questions.  We are there for you.

Purchase both the Mama Bear™ Vertical Swift n Count and one of our Yarn Ball Winders and save even more in shipping and product cost.  You Will Love Using It.

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I love my swift. It is easy to wind on to, after spinning on my wheel. The counter is easy to use. The workmanship is of high quality. I would buy this again and recommend to my friends. Get the handle for skeinning it is worth the money.
5 stars