YARN SWIFT, VERY LARGE, Papa Bear™, VERTICAL, Specialty, Handcrafted Yarn Swift™, - 100% USA MADE


*INTRODUCING* The VERTICAL SWIFT™­ model of the VERY LARGE Papa Bear™ , Handcrafted Yarn Swift™.  Includes High Use Upgrade(tm) installed in your swift.

In keeping with our promise to bring the finest products to all those who knit and handle yarns, we introduce the Vertical Swift™ version of the Papa Bear™ Handcrafted Yarn Swifts™.

The Vertical Swift™ versions of our swifts can be used horizontally and now in the vertical positions.

This is particularly helpful to those who have limited space for their swift and they want to keep it out all the time.

The Papa Bear Vertical Swift(tm) is specially designed to meet the needs of yarn dyers, spinners and weavers and those that work with very large skeins.  

With the Papa Bear™ model, you can work with skeins up to ten feet or 120” in circumference around and down to three feet or 36”, and all sizes in-between.

The Vertical Swift™ version comes with pre-drilled holes and a kit is included for mounting your Vertical Swift™ on any flat surface.

All our swifts carry a lifetime customer satisfaction, guarantee of excellent customer service and free peg replacment.

You will love using your new Papa Bear Vertical Swift™.­­­

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