YARN SWIFT, VERY LARGE, Papa Bear™, Specialty, Handcrafted Yarn Swift™, - 100% USA HANDCRAFTED



We are happy to introduce The Papa Bear™ Specialty Handcrafted Yarn Swift™.  

It is a unique design, specially designed for hand weavers, spinners, those that dye their own yarns and others, and require a very large Handcrafted Yarn Swift™.

It will handle any skein from one yard (36”) to 3.33 yards (108-120” or ten feet) in circumference and all sizes in between with its 46” long arms and its Unique Pegging System™.

It is very easy and to setup in just a few seconds; simple; efficient and totally portable, with no breakable parts.

It has no clamps-just set it on any flat surface to operate it. Operates in either the vertical or horizontal positions.

It rotates quickly and very smoothly. You can also use it to create a skein and it can also serve as a portable warping board.

This swift will make dealing with any extra large unruly yarn skein a pure pleasure.

It is made of beautiful hardwood, sanded smooth and finished with a nice smooth clear finish.

Each piece of the swift comes totally apart in seconds. A pull-string bag is included at no extra cost and it comes with anti-slip matting for use on glass or fine furniture.

It stands 4.5" tall by 46” from side to side.

All our swifts carry a lifetime guarantee of customer satisfaction, excellent customer service and free peg replacement.  

We can also provide custom length arms to accommodate even larger skeins if needed. 

You will love yours. Buy the NEW Papa Bear™ Specialty Handcrafted Yarn Swift™ .You will love yours.

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Absolutely happy with the product. Peter Charles is wonderful to work with and the swift runs as smooth as glass. Not one complaint!
5 stars