YARN SWIFT, SUPER VERY LARGE, Papa Bear(tm), Custom Jumbo, Handcrafted, 1 To 8 YARD Skeins Circumference, 100% USA Made


The SUPER VERY LARGE Custom Papa Bear Handcrafted Yarn Swift-After the design of the regular Papa Bear, this custom version incorporates all the benefits of the Mama and Papa Bear Swifts and has added to it the capability to handle skeins from 1 to 8 Yards in circumference with arms the are 9' long.

We can also make this swift to any custom size less than 8 yards circumference also

If you place your swift in a room with an 8 foot ceiling, we can shorten the arms so it will work with an 8 foot ceiling.  Just ask us. 

This is great for yarn dyers and those that need to work with very large skeins. 

It comes standard with heavier base and arms, the High Use Upgrade, Crank Handle, two sets of pegs, longer and regular, our own electronic measurer counter, and Vertical/Horizontal Mounting as well as yardage labeled peg holes. 

This swift requires a large area to operate, and works wonderfully in the vertical position.  The arms are 9' (108") long-for the 8 yard circumference size.   A mounting kit is included.  

All our swifts carry a lifetime guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, excellent customer service and free peg replacment.

You will love using this special swift.

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