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The actual wood color and grain will vary from piece to piece and may not be exactly as displayed.

The Mama Bear PLUS Handcrafted Yarn Swift is a WONDERFUL MULTI-FUNCTION YARN SWIFT-YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY USING: It will meet the needs of knitters and yarn handlers handling skeins up to 80" (2 yards 8") in circumference.  

Will handle all skeins/hanks you purchase from a yarn shop and longer skeins from online.  We encourage customers to purchase this model for their regular knitting needs.  

Comes in various beautiful solid hardwoods.  Hand sanded and finished with a beautiful hard clear wood finish.  GREAT PRICE.  100% USA Handcrafted by us. 

Yarn Swift is also sometimes called a: Skein Winder, Yarn Winder, Winder, Hank Winder, and Swift.

Not a Knock-off  of other swifts or a Chinese Knock-off like the Amish Style Swift.    

We designed and handcrafted the original table top style swifts. With our designed Trademarked Unique Turning System™, our swifts are the smoothest and quietest turning swifts available. This is important becaues your yarn fibers will not be pulling on each other and your yarn ball will be "happier" with very little tension in it.  All other yarn swifts introduce tension into their yarn balls.    

It replaces the umbrella swift, Niddy Noddy, and warping board all together. The PLUS Yarn swift sits on any flat suface.  You do not clamp it.  Since it is reversible, it can also be used to create your own skeins especially if you purchase your yarn on a ball or cone. 

Works wonderfully with each of our Yarn Ball Winders: the Royal Replacement Yarn Ball Winder;  our own Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder or the Wonderful All Wooden Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder.  The PLUS Yarn Swift(tm) will make dealing with any unruly yarn skein a pure pleasure. 

Each piece of the swift comes apart so easily in 4-5 seconds.  Includes a nice cotton/poly bag, for easy storage and transport so you can easily take it on vacation or to a knitting class or retreat. Includes 5 pegs-one extra, and matting.

Operates in either a vertical or horizontal position. Peg holes are precision drilled for exact yardage sizes.  Is designed to add the Swift n Count Yarn Measuring Conversion Kit to it should you decide to add it later on.  All our improvements are designed to add to your yarn swift at a later date. 

Your PLUS Yarn Swift carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as excellent free customer service and free replacement pegs, all for the life of your yarn swift.  Just contact us should you have any needs or questions.  We are there for you.

Purchase both the Mama Bear™ PLUS and one of our Yarn Ball Winders and save even more in shipping and product cost.  You Will Love Using It.


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My husband purchased a Mama Bear swift for me in 2009. It works as well today as it did when I first got it, and that is to say it works like a dream. This is a swift that will last you a lifetime. It is made with care and superb craftsmanship, and it's also an incredible value. Can't imagine not having my swift!
5 stars
Just received my yarn swift yesterday. This morning I would 6 skeins of yarn in less than 40 minutes. Very easy to set up and easy to use. I used the swift with my Royal winder that I have had for years and had zero problems with yarn getting tangled. I upgraded to the Pendleton wool bag in the Heather Blue - the bag is beautiful as well. Your craftsmanship is beyond compare! I will recommend your company to anyone who asks. Thank you for making my knitting life easier!
5 stars
I received this Swift a few weeks ago and I love the fact that it doesn’t need to be clamped on the tabletop. It’s so nice to wind my yarn by hand without it tangling!
5 stars
This is the most perfect of yarn winders I have ever tried! It runs like a gazelle across the savannah! I ordered it on the home page, and it reached my doorstep in Denmark in record time. With a free upgrade to the plus and the high use upgrade for free. It came with the handy bag for travelling and easy to follow instructions to assemble it. I just love it and for the first time ever I actually look forward to winding skeins! Absolutely recommended!! Get it sooner rather than later! Ellen Turner
5 stars
Easy to assemble and take down, and fun to use. Customer service is top notch, and if a mistake is made they will make it right and then some! Highly recommend the product and the company's commitment to excellence.
5 stars