The Oregon Wood Worker Introduces it latest fine fiber tool to assist you in your fiber activities.  The Floor Model Handcrated Yarn Swift is vertical and totally portable and come apart with wing-nut screws.  It comes with a bag for easy toting and storage.  The Floor Model also comes standard with:


High Use Upgrade,

Swift n Count Industrial Yarn Counter for measuring very accurately your yarn length,

30" arms for handling skeins up to 80 (2 yard 8") in circumference,

Ten pegs

Hand Crank Handle. 


The Floor Model Swift is made of solid hard rock maple; is sanded multiple times and has 2-3 coats of a fine clear wood finish that has UV protection.  Available as an accessory are larger arms that will accommodate skeins up to 10' in circumference.  The arms turn very easily so that your yarn has greatly reduced tension.  You will love using this fine tool.  A beautiful fiber tool.  

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