Convert your Mama Bear(tm) or Papa Bear(tm) Handcrafted Yarn Swift to an Electronic Swift N Count™ YARN MEASURER model with the Electronic Swift N Count™ YARN MEASURER Conversion Kit. 

The kit includes all parts you need to complete the conversion, including instructions with pictures and also instructions on how to use the Swift N Count(tm) option; even the drill bit for drilling six holes.

It will allow you to very accurately measure yarn in either direction which is needed if you create skeins first either while or before you create a nice pull-string yarn ball.  You will be able to measure the yarn left over from a project to see how much yarn you have for another project. 

You will also be able to divide skeins very accurately and measure lengths for different projects. 

You will really enjoy using your Electronic Swift N Count™ Yarn Measurer conversion kit with your Mama Bear™ or Papa Bear(tm) Handcrafted Yarn Swift™.  Will also fit many other brands of yarn swifts as well.

The electronic counter is guaranteed for five years.  Under normal use conditions the counter will operate for up to ten years.  The Kit carries a lifetime gurantee of excellent customer service support.  

Only minimal mechanical ability is required and the entire conversion can be completed in 15-30 minutes, once glue has set.    

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After years of back aches, hours counting wraps, i had enough!. I had internet searched for yardage counter many times. Purchased yardage counters that didn't work! Then I stumbled on your counter! It was like a birthday, and Christmas all rolled into one. This going to save me hours! I have shared your site with my spinners Facebook page. be prepared for more orders. They all were very excited as well. I just wish Ii had found this years ago.
5 stars