POWER BASE ONLY For Nancy Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Jumbo Wooden Yarn Ball Winder DISCOUNTED PRICE


Power Base ONLY For Heavy Duty Jumbo Wooden Yarn Ball Winder. The Oregon Wood Worker(tm) now carries this wonderful Power Base for the Yarn Ball Winder. 

It is made by NancyKnitKnacks and it sells Here Below The NKK Website price.  

The Power Base sits under the manual Heavy Duty Jumbo Wooden Yarn Ball Winder.  It turns the manual yarn ball winder into a wonderful electric self driven yarn ball winder.  

It has two speeds: Jog and Run. Turn it on and let it wind your beautiful yarn ball.

It has a memory so you can store your favoite speeds to reuse them later on.

It is made of sold hardrock maple; heavy duty gears and shafts.

It handles all sizes of skeins and makes small and also very large beautiful pull string yarn balls, up to 16 ounces (one poiund) in size.  It operates on 110volt electricity.

Your All Wooden Heavy Duty Ball Winder and Power Base carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as excellent free customer service, all for the life of your yarn ball winder.  Just contact us should you have any needs or questions.  We are there for you. 

You will love using it.  This is a great discounted price.  

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